STATE No of Training Centers STATE No of training Centers
Andhra Pradesh 6 Manipur 1
Arunachal Pradesh 1 Meghalaya 1
Assam 1 Mizoram 1
Bihar 1 Nagaland 1
Delhi 1 Orissa 5
Goa 1 Pondicherry 1
Gujarat 6 Punjab 1
Haryana 1 Rajasthan 1
Himachal Pradesh 2 Sikkim 1
J & K 3 Tamilnadu 20
Jharkhand 2 Tripura 1
Karnataka 8 Uttaranchal 1
Kerala 10 Uttar Pradesh 7
Madhya Pradesh 5 West Bengal 6
Maharashtra 13 Total 109

The Government of India provides 50% grants-in-aid and balance 50% is arranged by State Cooperative Unions/State Government/Cooperatives. The DOAC has identified National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) through National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT) as the implementing agency. The Central Government provided Rs.1671.00 lakhs during the 10th Plan period under the scheme, which was reimbursed to respective JCTCs through their State Cooperative Unions. A matching contribution of this amount was incurred by State Cooperative Unions/State Government.

The performance of JCTC training activities during the above period has been as under:

Component No. of  Programmes No. of Participants
JCTC (NER) 228 5431
JCTC (Other than NER) 1933 45512

Government of India has conveyed approval to continue the Central Sector Scheme during the entire 11th Plan period.
The performance of JCTC during the year 2007-08 and 2008-09 has been :

(Rs. in lakhs)
Component                  2007-08                     2008-09

No. of Prog. No. of Participant Grant Released No. of Prog. No. of Participant Grant Released
JCTC (NER) 232 5333 155.00 358 8756 190.00
JCTC (Other than NER) 919 21825 511.00 916 193330 516.60

The amount proposed by the Government of India during 2009-10 is as under :

JCTC (NER)        Rs. 74.00 lakhs
JCTC (Other than NER)       Rs.300.00 lakhs

The DOAC has identified following training programs to be organized at Junior Training Centres all over India to seek financial assistance under this scheme :

Sl.No. Name of the Programme
1 20 weeks Diploma Course in Cooperative Management (DICM)
2 1 Month Foundation Course for Under Graduates
3 15 days Computer Awareness Course
4 10 days Refresher Course for Secretaries and Office Bear
5 5 days Short Duration Course

All the Regional Directors/Principals of RICMs/ICMs of NCCT have been designated as Nodal Officers for monitoring and evaluation of Training program conducted by respective area JCTC and also to organize Training of Trainers (TOT) programs for JCTC faculty.


There are 109 Junior Cooperative Training Centers (JCTCs) in the country catering to the training needs of the junior functionaries in the cooperative departments/institutions. The support to these centers is provided by NCCT particularly in respect of library, classroom facilities, teaching aids, faculty development and course designs etc.

(A Grant-in-Aid Institution under Ministry of Agriculture, Government Of India)